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The Nine Lives Of Christmas

Marilee has a very romantic view of life, even though it has not worked out that way for her. She is responsible and very capable. She is also the owner of a cat named Queenie, even though the apartment complex where she lives has a strict, no-pet policy. Working her way through veterinary school, she has promised herself not to get involved with anyone until she has started her career. Zach comes across a homeless cat named Ambrose who has been cornered by a large dog. After he rescues the cat, the cat decides to move in with him, uninvited. Somehow the cats play a role in the two getting to know each other better.

The Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Kittens of Christmas premiered in fall 2021, reuniting Routh with Sustad, who is a staple on the network due to her long list of roles. This time, the pair find themselves responsible for finding nine kittens their forever homes while mending their own personal relationship.

If their cats brought them together initially, it's nine kittens bringing them together again. "She's now a vet before she was in school and is the one that can help. So they kind of team up to save these little babies."

As for the specific filming locations, we know that a lot of scenes have been filmed at Langley, in British Columbia. The firehouse is located down the street from Glover Road, in Langley City. The exact address is 23137 96 Ave. The Victorian home that Zachary lives in, is on 8919 Glover RD, Langley Twp. As per an old real estate listing, the house has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, and is 4100 square feet. The interiors have been used for filming. Filming has also taken place at Fort Langley.

Definitely, a cat which is what nine disparate people discover when they end up at Battersea looking for a little furry love in their lives, and a palpable sense that their lives have meaning and purpose.

So it is that we meet Alison & John, Mark, Casey, Carlos, Jack, Wanda, Lucie, Rufus & Allan, and Aaron and his grandmother Enid, granted more than the nine people of the title but as the book makes marvellously clear, while you might come in contact with one person, there is always someone else in their life who will be changed for the better too.

We come to see how these people, through various means, come to Battersea and have their lives wholly and gloriously upended by a small bundle of fur, who also find the love many of them have been missing out on in the loving arms of their forever humans.

When Brandon and Marilee cross paths there is instant chemistry but neither of them is ready to accept that much change into their lives. However, their cats help them to see that change might be exactly what they need.

We complimented her on her altruism, showered her with hugs and kisses, and made our best guess with other gifts, but still did not get a cat. Then last year, her ninth, it seemed that every nine-year-old we knew had received a cat for Christmas, Hanuka, or Kwanzaa. We should have realized the connection: nine. As in nine lives. As in Eleanor's impending birthday. But we were oblivious and we cruised into the new year confident that we'd established our house as a cat-free zone.

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