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This new naming method works with lots of other files like traffic_storage.sii, trailer_storage.sii, city.sii, company.sii, cargo.sii, country.sii, and possibly even more commonly conflicting files. It should really help remove a lot of problems with using multiple mods (once the mods are updated to 1.4.1).

Download Ets 2 Crack 1.4.1

@ trucker the reason it messes your game is not the patch. The majority of the issues are mod related, not patch related. A lot of mods do work with 1.4.1 like company mods and some truck skins, not all do though, and no maps work at all. Try starting a new profile without any map mods and you should be fine.

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If you want to add to, extend, patch, translate, or otherwise alter this mod, feel free to publish your mod without asking me, AS LONG AS IT REQUIRES THE ORIGINAL MOD.That is to say, you cannot simply download, tweak, and re-package my mod or its individual elements as a new standalone mod. All must require the original file(s) unless otherwise specified.If you DO want to use a specific resource from one of my mods to use in your own, please contact me with details and permissions. I'm usually pretty generous about this, so don't stress too much :)Thank you!

Links?Promods 2.61 + Middle East Addon (video instruction how to download and install _UI)?Roextended 3.4 ?Roex Promods and Middle East RC ?Azerbaijan Georgia (AZGE) Add-on ?Road to Asia 1.3.1 =road-to-asia&id=5?Red Sea Map 1.4.1 =red-sea?Corfu and Greek Islands 1.0.3 =corfu?Corfu Promods Fix -truck-simulator-2/map-patches/corfu-promods-fix?Project Balkans 5.3 Balkans Map Combo Fix 1.44 -truck-simulator-2/map-patches/project-balkans-map-combo-fix?North Macedonia Rework 1.4.6 (updated. Not necessary to use A1/E75 Road Fix with it) Macedonia Rework A1/E75 Road Fix (for North Macedonia Rework 1.4.5 only) -truck-simulator-2/map-patches/macedonia-rework-a1e75-road-fix?Paris Rebuild 3.2 _rebuild_v3_2.scs.html?Finnmark Saltfjellet =42&t=37501?Viva Malta 1.1.1 -truck-simulator-2/maps/viva-malta?Israel Lebanon Open Border 1.44 -truck-simulator-2/map-patches/israel-lebanon-open-border?GMC Trigger Patch Fixer 1.0 -truck-simulator-2/map-patches/gmc-trigger-patch-fixer?Background Map and Crash Fix =9&t=20?Full Screen Map =1938342988Bonus Mods:


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