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Where To Buy Foam Core started in 2004 and has been selling discount foamcore board ever since. We provide real customer service with a real person who will guide you in your choices of substrates and troubleshoot any issues you have with you order. Call us 888 202 8512

where to buy foam core started in 2004 and has been selling discount foamcore board ever since. We are still based in Chicago, but now are part of Transend Inc. Transend Inc has been selling art supplies and foam and gator board products online nationally and internationally since 2017.We provide real customer service with a real person who will guide you in your choices of substrates and troubleshoot any issues you have with you order. Call us 888 202 8512

Say Cheese! Stand out in a snap with a custom big head cutout. Perfect for a wedding photo booth, birthday, sporting event, or fun family holiday, high-quality foam core cutouts in the perfect expression can turn any negative into a positive. Durable to use again and again, they are sure to make your family or friends smile whenever they see this fabulous photograph as a custom Big Head.

For architects and interior designers, foam board architectural models are essential components of the job. Building models for clients requires high-quality materials that will help you achieve professional-looking results. For the best materials for architectural models and interior design, has all you need. Find all the products required to build your model, including the tools that make your task that much easier.

Our extra-thick black Gatorfoam makes the perfect base for your foam board house or other architectural model, while our ultra-thin white foam board cuts like a dream and makes assembly easy. All of the architectural model foam we sell is high quality, featuring the rigidity you need to create clean cuts and crisp edges. The dent-resistant surface assures a professional presentation. Better quality materials also mean that your model can withstand sprays and solvent glues, holding up far better than cheaper scale model materials you'll find elsewhere.

We offer hundreds of foam board sizes in various styles to meet your needs. The foam core modeling supplies we offer are designed for ease of use and durable performance. We want to be your one and only shop for pre-cut architect model material. Need a big batch of foam board? We can handle orders for bulk foam board online.

Place your order for interior design foam boards by 2 pm EST, and your order will be processed that same day (unless it's a custom order). Your order ships within two days, arriving 2-5 days after that. (See all the details on our shipping & return policy page.) is always happy to answer your questions. You can check out our FAQ page, but if you don't see an answer to your question, give us a call. We're here to help you bring your foam board house and other architectural projects to life.

When choosing materials to make an architectural model, foam boards are at the top of the list. Architects and designers know that quality foam boards give them the flexibility they need to create life-like models that will please clients and provide an accurate rendering of their house, office building or commercial property during the planning stages.

Architects create foam board architectural models (and those using other materials) to help clients visualize how the finished product will look. Models are beneficial for the client because they can ensure the architect shares their vision for the completed project. Having a model can help sell an idea that might otherwise never get off the ground.

Those who know how to make architectural models also understand that using the right tools can make the job immeasurably easier. Before starting on your next project, check out our selection of foam board tools and supplies:

At, we have a large selection of materials for foam board architectural models and just about any project that uses foam boards. Need custom Vflat foam boards or another special size? Contact us and we will have a quote for you shortly!

At, you can buy packs of foam board for art projects and have them delivered straight to your studio or classroom. Our pre-packaged art foam board comes in a variety of sizes, finishes and color options. Select your favorite wholesale foam board and order today for fast delivery. is committed to providing the highest quality art foam board. Our standards for quality and customer service are unmatched in the industry. Get the very best in wholesale foam board for art projects when you buy from us.

We carry hundreds of foam board sizes in various styles to meet your needs. The art foam board supplies we offer are designed for ease of use and durable performance. Need wholesale or bulk order foam board? We can handle orders for bulk foam board online.

Using our wholesale foam board, artwork becomes easy. Artists, teachers and students across the country use our foam board in art projects, classrooms and studios. Its sturdy yet shapeable construction makes our foam board ideal for scale model projects or as backing for photography prints.

Order bulk foam board online to save money with volume discounts. For regular customers who require large amounts of art foam board, ordering from is the right choice. Pre-packaged in bulk quantities, our wholesale foam board can save you as much as 50% over regular retail price.

Custom sizes of wholesale foam board are available from Give us a call to discuss your needs and receive a quote on special pricing for all sizes and varieties of foam board for art projects. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for details on shipping information, our return policy and more.

Using foam board has become a popular option in a number of different art and commercial projects. But just what are foam boards used for? How are companies and individuals using foam board in their projects? In this article...

We use the by-product from our Self Inflating Mats to create the heart of our Foam Core Pillow. This up-cycled foam is firmly packed inside a luxuriously soft and stretchy 50D knit fabric providing optimum comfort.

Just like our coroplast signs, foam core signs are a great way to advertise your company, organization or event. Printed in brilliant full color, these signs are great for easels displays, presentations and welcome signs and it is as simple as design, order, and show!

Foam core is a very strong, lightweight, and cuttable board made by adhering a sheet of paper to each side of a foam core. It is used for the mounting of photographic prints, as backing in picture framing, in scale modeling, and in painting.

Foam core printing is especially suited for directional and informational signage (think of those incredible sidewalk sign flippers you see on the street corners), indoor & outdoor point of purchase signs, and commonly used as signage in trade shows.

Foamcore, foam board, or paper-faced foam board is a lightweight and easily cut material used for mounting of photographic prints, as backing for picture framing, for making scale models, and in painting. It consists of a board of polystyrene foam clad with an outer facing of paper on either side, typically white clay-coated paper or brown kraft paper.

Foamcore does not adhere well to some glues, such as superglue, and certain types of paint. The foam tends to melt away and dissolve.[citation needed] Some glue works well in casual settings, however, the water in the glue can warp the fibers in the outer layers. Best results are typically obtained from higher-end spray adhesives. A hot glue gun can be used as a substitute, although the high viscosity of hot glues can affect finished projects in the form of board warping, bubbles, or other unsightly blemishes.

Self-adhesive foam boards, intended for art and document mounting are also available, though these can be very tricky to use properly; this is because the glue sets very fast. It is considered cheaper to buy plain foam board and use re-positionable spray mount adhesive.

Foamcore is commonly used to produce architectural models, prototype small objects and to produce patterns for casting. Scenery for scale model displays, dioramas, and computer games are often produced by hobbyists from foamcore.

Foamcore is also often used by photographers as a reflector to bounce light, in the design industry to mount presentations of new products, and in picture framing as a backing material; the latter use includes some archival picture framing methods, which utilize the acid-free versions of the material. Another use is with aero-modellers for building radio-controlled aircraft.

Without the critical component of the spline, there is nothing to hold the fabric of your screen in place. Black foam core screen spline is made to replace old metal or vinyl and to repair any of those splines that may have broken or rotted due to weather exposure. While vinyl is a cost-effective, great solution for splines, black foam core screen spline is even more durable than using either metal or vinyl.

Black foam core screen spline also ensures that you are provided for more flexibility in taking on any project, regardless of experience level. As black foam core screen spline has a larger diameter but can be used in situations and frames that vinyl doesn't work as well in, it slides into channels and fits corners so easily it will no doubt reduce the installation effort needed.

As a professional window treatment expert, 500 feet of black foam core screen spline will allow you to build a more resilient and versatile spline for your clients, which is why we offer one of the largest quantities on the market today. 041b061a72


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