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Gili-SMS PORTABLE Full 15 Fix

For over 35 years, Yorktel ( has been a leader in helping enterprise, healthcare, and federal government customers plan, navigate and successfully execute their digital workplace transformation initiatives. Our global team works with yours to ensure all aspects of these initiatives, including systems evaluations, network preparedness, technology assessments, change management planning, device and network management and monitoring have been addressed. We then design, integrate and manage the communication and collaboration solutions that keep you connected and moving forward. For more information, visit Yorktel online at or email Follow Yorktel on Twitter: @yorktelcorp.


For over 35 years, Yorktel ( has been a leader in helping enterprise, healthcare, education and public sector customers plan, navigate and successfully execute their digital workplace transformation initiatives. Our global team works with yours to ensure all aspects of these initiatives, including systems evaluations, network preparedness, technology assessments, change management planning, device and network management and monitoring have been addressed. We then design, integrate and manage the IT solutions that enable your connected workforce. For more information, visit Yorktel. and follow Yorktel on Twitter: @yorktelcorp.

Videoconferencing has been successfully used as a form of support in various settings, but the sessions were not well attended in this study. Previous research highlights the benefits of videoconferencing as a feasible and acceptable mode of support as long as technology assistance is provided [63]. Benefits include enhanced group bonding, peer observation, personal sharing, and a higher social presence when compared with other forms of digital support [63]. However, although videoconferencing has been used as an effective method to support caregivers [64], chronic disease patients [65], new mothers [66], and postsurgical patients [67], it was underutilized in this intervention.

The 21st Century learning requires technology in the learning process, including physics learning using abstract concepts. Furthermore, many teachers do not ap-ply technology in the classroom because of the teacher's limitations in making learning media. The purpose of this research was to create an augmented reality-based learning media that can be used in classroom learning. The research method used in this research was Research and Development. The development procedure consists of a preliminary, design, development and implementation. In the preliminary study phase aims to analyse the needs of the world of education so that the direction of design and development to be made clearer and more precise. In the design and development phase, the researcher designed and created an augmented reality application and developed this augmented reality from a marker card to a real object marker. In the development stage augmented reality was judged by physicists and experts in the field of technology. After being judged, the application made was implemented and tested on 10 types of devices with different OS and implemented in classroom learning. Based on the test results, it can be concluded that the augmented reality application that has been made with successfully tested using several different devices and validated by experts and de-cleared eligible or good for use.

The construction of high-rise buildings in big cities, especially in Bandung is increasing. The elevator is a vertical electrical transportation system used to transport people or goods and serves to facilitate the activities of human life whose routines are more often inside buildings or high-rise buildings. vertical electric elevator transportation is following SNI standards and knows the needs for elevator capacity in multi-story buildings which include empty train loads, draw weight loads, motor power, motor speed, and electricity costs. In this research, the problems to be discussed are regarding the load of the empty train, the load weighting, motor power, motor speed, and power costs. The results of this planning obtained important things such as the required empty trainload (Qk) = 1000 kg, the load weight used (Qp) = 1225 kg, motor power is used when the train is filled with maximum capacity (P output) = 3, 15 kW = 4.22 hp, the traction motor rotational speed when the elevator is upward with full load = 913.5 rpm, the traction motor rotational speed when the elevator goes down with full load = 228.37 rpm, and the cost of electricity to be paid is Rp.23,765 / unit/day.

A prototype of rail turnout motor measurement device was designed based on motor torque inspection, using a load cell sensor. A rail turnout is a branched railroad construction to control the railroad track that controlled by turnout motor, therefore it is one of important railways elements for guiding and directing the train to not derailment or collide with another train. The device was made in order to check the reliability of turnout machine in railway systems. In Indonesia, currently the inspection of turnout machine was done manually and still not so efficient in term of the process. Here, we built a portable system device consisted of load sensor, processed with a microcontroller and the data were recorded and displayed in a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The device was tested directly to a turnout machine on the railroad at Kiara Condong Station, Bandung, Indonesia. The measured results showed that the device working properly and the average pulling strength of turnout machine at the station was 256.6 2.88 kg.

In this research would try to give contribution for researchers or academics about simulation of the railway signaling system. The model of railway system was built using miniature of track and train model. Small LED was used as a lamp signal. Point machine was moved by servo motor controlled by Arduino Nano. The last, track circuit was replaced by proximity sensor using IR transceiver. The result showed that the simulation could do some basic task which is occurred in railway signaling system. The design of system was created by FSM (Finite State Machine) method which would be implemented in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). It consists of state diagram, declaration of inputs and outputs, generated logic equation, and finally is the written code in ladder logic diagram. Set route test also has been tried successfully and the lamp signal showed the color aspect correctly.

IoT device technology is currently developing rapidly, for example in smart home systems that have several features including lighting, surveillance security, temperature control, water sensors, and smart electricity. IoT device consists of smart electricity integrated with human action recognition using sensor vision are developed in this work. In smart electricity system, we build some relays controlled by smartphone applications and web-based platforms. We can control the relays and monitor the voltage, current, and power used from electricity appliances that are connected to our IoT device. In human action recognition, we use a single RGB camera to capture some human poses into spatiotemporal sequences to get data for training. There are six poses for testing scenario, these poses will be clustered using kNN (k-Nearest Neighbor) method. Each human action that is recognized will be connected to an IoT device for controlling the switching mode on the relays in smart electricity system. The result in this experiment shows that the system successfully reads every single posture with quite good accuracy performance using confusion matrix.

This study aims to implement the portable mini wind power generator as simulation media, Indonesia as a country with two-thirds of its territory is the ocean, crowning the Indonesian nation as the world's maritime axis. To face these challenges, the balance of technology and natural resources (oceans) is the responsibility of all Indonesian citizens, especially in the field of education which has a role to create and foster human resources. Vocational High Schools take an important role in creating skilled and competent students in their fields. The design functions to design the design of the system to be made, to sort out the functions and usefulness of the tool, as well as the components used so that there are no difficulties in making the system to be built. After the design is continued, the process of making and assembling tools. In the research implementation of Portable Mini Generator Wind Power as a simulation medium for alternative renewable electrical energy by making portable mini wind generator. Based on data from measurement and analysis results, it can be concluded that the working principle of portable mini wind power generators is to use wind as a mini generator drive, which in turn will result in a change in mechanical energy source motion into a renewable electrical energy source.

This study aims to propose a real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) monitoring using SDS011 sensors and raspberry pi as a server to detect Particulate Matter (PM)2.5 and PM10. To calculate the AQI standard values, we refer to BMKG as the board responsible for regulating it. We collected data on the campus area close to the textile industry area in Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia for 1440 minutes. From the experiments, the results of the AQI value for PM2.5 are between 66-110 or equivalent to 19.1 to 39.7 ug / m3, while for PM10 between 26-70 or equivalent to 23.1 to 43.9 μg / m3. This value shows the performance of the SDS011 sensor can work well. Furthermore, to be publicly accessible, the AQI and PM values are sent to the web every minute without having to refresh the web page. For further development, it is possible to make a low-cost portable monitoring device using SDS011 sensors and raspberry pi that can be placed in areas considered pollution-prone as a warning system when pollution has passed the permitted threshold.


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