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Jack Adams
Jack Adams

Mymaths Bringing Maths Alive Homework PORTABLE

Use the mymaths wesite to get some extra help and practice on Trig and Pythagoras. You can complete the lesson and homweowrk task on these two topics. You do not have to log into your space you can just use the school login and find then in the library.

Mymaths Bringing Maths Alive Homework

2 Can the verbs in bold be used in the continuous? Decide if the sentences (C) correct or (I) incorrect. 6 I was thinking about my maths homework yesterday CORRECT. 7 I was knowing how to get to the new theatre INCORRECT. 8 I was having dinner at 8 p.m. yesterday CORRECT. 9 I was doing yoga yesterday at 6 a.m CORRECT. 10 I was hearing a strange noise outside my window last night INCORRECT. ___/5 Task


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