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In Grumpier Old Men (1995), Loren played a femme fatale opposite Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, and Ann-Margret. The film was a box-office success and became Loren's biggest US hit in years.[17] At the 20th Moscow International Film Festival in 1997, she was awarded an Honorable Prize for contribution to cinema.[29] In 1999, the American Film Institute named Loren among the greatest female stars of Golden Age of Hollywood cinema. In 2001, Loren received a Special Grand Prix of the Americas Award at the Montreal World Film Festival for her body of work.[30] She filmed two projects in Canada during this time: the independent film Between Strangers (2002), directed by her son Edoardo and co-starring Mira Sorvino, and the television miniseries Lives of the Saints (2004).

Mia - Femme Fatale 175.jpg

The three writers all appear: Henry Shields as the director/inspector, Henry Lewis as the corpulent, bearded chief suspect and Jonathan Sayer as the rat-like, pasty-faced butler who serves whisky straight from the white spirit bottle. Funniest of all, though, are the cream-faced loon of Dave Hearn as a bendy-limbed silly ass, milking laughs while upstaging the others and the slinky over-the-top femme fatale (well, she's wearing a red dress) of Charlie Russell's Sandra.

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7. Bound (1996): This neo-noir thriller marked the directorial debut of the Wachowski siblings, and though it was long before Lana Wachowski was an out trans woman, we can't help but think it helped influence this superb bisexual/lesbian classic in which Violet (femme and alluring Jennifer Tilly), a moll owned by her Mafia boyfriend (Joe Pantoliano) but looking for escape, has an affair with butch neighbor Corky (Gina Gershon in the hottest lesbian film role ever). The two women hatch a scheme to steal millions from the mob, and the usual noir tropes (just who is betraying who?) work to great success, albeit with a hefty dose of violence (this is a rare film where there are empowered women and violence and the latter isn't directed at the former). The reason queer girls loved it? The sex was genuine and hot, thanks in large part to Susie Bright, who served as the resident lesbian sexpert to help the auteurs get it right. (She has a cameo too.) --Diane Anderson-Minshall

87. Go Fish (1994): One of the most important lesbian films of all time, the indie romantic drama Go Fish was lauded when it came out in the early 1990s as the first film about being a lesbian -- not coming out in Desert Hearts or struggling with desires as in The Children's Hour, etc. -- and it tackled a number of important themes with believable scenes and actors who looked, sounded, and felt authentic. It launched the careers of director Rose Troche (producer of Concussion) and her then-girlfriend, screenwriter Guinevere Turner (of American Psycho fame), and helped mirror conversations happening in the real world about butch-femme dichotomies, familial pressures for queers of color, owning lesbian history, and why lesbians who sleep with men get lambasted. --D.A.M.

130. Gilda (1946): "There never was a woman like Gilda," touted the movie posters, and since she was played by the ravishing Rita Hayworth, it wasn't just hype. But this was a film noir with a twist: Hayworth's femme fatale comes between a couple of guys who seem to be way more than friends, George Macready as a shady casino owner and Glenn Ford as his right-hand man. Ford said he recognized the movie's gay subtext in retrospect, "but it never occurred to us at the time we were filming." No matter -- it's obvious to savvy viewers. --T.R.

Strokies presents a fiery Mia Kay handjob that'll reignite your lust for redheads! This passionate tattooed 18-year-old hails from California and we just cannot wait to break her in! When our Strokies guy asks her what she's here to do today, she says, "Mm, stroke it (giggles)!" Right answer, babe. This bubbly teen demands that you pretend it's your own dick for a nice POV handjob experience. Mia generously invited us to film this in her apartment in Downtown L.A., and the view is gorgeous whether we focus the lens outside the window or firmly on the femme fatale on the couch! Don't miss the sexual tidbits that she shares during her pre-interview, it's worth a watch before you dig into the hands-on action! 041b061a72


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