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Cross Dressing Porn

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cross dressing porn

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the tunnel and the kiddy-porn was only a part of the creep-tastic stuff goin' on at the Willis residence.When searching the house, cops also found what they referred to as "cross-dressing clothing" -- which apparently was in plain view in an office in Willis' house.Along with the RuPaul gear, and sex toys also found by detectives, there were pictures of kids having sex littered throughout the office.In May, about a year after his arrest, Willis removed an ankle monitor he was ordered to wear as his kiddy-porn case works its way through the courts. He was arrested by U.S. Marshals two days later.Following his second arrest, Willis' wife, Jamie Willis, was arrested for helping him escape house arrest.In the days leading up to Willis' escape from custody, Jamie Willis deactivated the couple's cell-phone service and moved their belongings out of their residence.When Willis' ankle monitor stopped transmitting a signal, Jamie Willis helped cut it off of his leg and drove the couple in a borrowed car to a new apartment without clearing it with her husband's probation officer, according to court docs.When the two were arrested, police found William Willis in a disguise and discovered that Jamie Willis had changed the number on the couple's cell phone.When asked about helping her husband flee from custody, Jamie Willis told U.S. Marshals "what can I say? I love my husband."Without further ado, the real "Buffalo Bill." Umm...enjoy. 041b061a72


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