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Oliver Myers

Prince The Very Best Of Prince Zip ~REPACK~

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Prince The Very Best Of Prince Zip

And importantly, it is in his videos that we see Prince exploring the edges of his identity and public persona. There are hints and clues of what Prince wanted to do next at almost every phase of his career. Frustratingly, though most of Prince's videos, including some of his very best, remained obscure, getting almost no airplay back when there were music video channels, or being distributed through one-off VHS video collections, CD-ROMs or uneven and short-lived video streams on Prince's websites. As a result, it's been almost impossible to evaluate Prince's videos as a whole body of work.

Again veering from a massive production to something intimate and seductive, we come to one of Prince's very best seduction ballads, Scandalous. This clip clearly sets the stage for what D'Angelo would escalate a decade later with Untitled, though Prince appears here in a red jumpsuit instead of his birthday suit.

When it\u2019s evening, I return home from the inn and retire to my study. Before entering I take off my everyday work clothes, which are covered with mud and filth, and go through the ritual of donning my robes of state. Thus fitted out in appropriate dress, I enter the venerable courts of the ancients, where they kindly receive me. Here I nourish myself on the food that alone is mine and for which I was born. Here I am bold enough to converse with the mighty, and to question them about the motives for their actions; whilst they, out of their gracious humanity, consent to answer me. For four hours I forget all my worries and boredom, I am afraid neither of poverty nor death. I am utterly absorbed in this world of my mind. And because Dante says that no one understands anything unless he remembers what he has understood, I have noted down what I have learned from these conversations. The result is a short book, called The Prince, in which I delve as deeply as I can into the subject of how to rule\u2014discussing the definitions of princedoms, the categories of princedoms, how they are acquired and how retained, and why they are lost.

I write every day first thing in the morning. Monday through Friday I wake up at 3:45 in the morning and write until 6:00. On weekends I let myself sleep in and then get right to work. My best thinking happens when my brain is still soft from sleep, with a giant pot of hot coffee next to me. But during the week, my writing time is usually over by 6:00. After that, I have to get the kids up, get lunches packed, get out the door, and teach a full day. There isn\u2019t room to write on top of all that. If I\u2019m on a deadline, I\u2019ll put in a couple more hours in the evenings, but I try to save evenings for reading and relaxing. I always say . . . you can write a whole book in just two hours a day!

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