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fji'jy-i fV"J'vrt?V"TiV5? "'','"?, v11." 4 !S,- I !''. .;. nrr ? 3rvvs. .,w'''v AK 1it 'i IP ' Vw,t.v "'AF CUPID'S CALLBy MAY CHRISTIEbjv fjrnrv J9rw Ctorrtttfffon flettflfrj', rsvwatu vciiriiuivt urn ... w.w "---' word, Eve liochatcr, nns noted a natition throuoh Julian vanaa-" ""Vllt 1V V. ..-.,i. jifcr, on untcruputoua adventurer, whoV i Jfcnown Dick in Alatkaand i ana-MNf to get o iffamoml wAica wick o ennI alicai cnrHe. ic . " ,ot5i. ir-. t,..i !.' n her cue on.. .luuiy, .v ...-- - ,,-.,-,, tuunru ny pome wiUKiering siieep ra tccll as on Ju'a"',,"yJVtbc lively little furry things that tilltahnli to marry -'. .' ' ,'fc t)io woods nnil se.tnmcicrt rvcrywhciaii cornier cjiciic -"-A-Aim ihtre,LOVE'S CKUE17TY1HB sight of nvc, ho coy, so Intimate, sent nn unhappy iccnnR iuhwirt of MarySbe told herselfie wnsn iknted here! HerHon in thus: mine to theBarley Mow had,bcn both fooll"h?n d impolitic.HjX t rnordlnarllyforward, too! Aburning flush rowfcithe youne Rlrl'sp?etty cheeks.jjODlck mustn'tr-..,AVi.lMAY CltUISTlKother, whatever happened. How flat-rtcn a Riimpcotred he would surely be to realize thath was being mercilessly pursued by , v ,,1VMT wt-lPVI it, au, at once deto young, attractive women . termlned to mirsue his ndvantngc. If' , , ... ,.field, walking at anut miles hetween9Mrr rut eross a field, walking at ariipld pace. Oh, to put miles between,t: Mary whls-of tears- before herncrscii ana jjilh i"It Isn't worthi.3-A.l n I1TT I' iniHL iil Ll'llin' ii,-,..ii; nv,1 " . ....FAnrt ret. KiibennscinusU. lie knewsnedfdn't speak the truth. For love the nfTnblv Into Mar) troubled ees. Herekind of love that for a few short dns lave I been sltlitig for over an hour inhe'd lived through was worth Its , this chilly wood, awaiting tni return oraftermath. I've- the naughty, original Kve whileShe brushed away the foolish little she makes love t; another man I A bittears. She wasn't going to let herself tough, isn't it?"be, woeful all unnecessarily. ,Tut be- Again poor Mary tried to -mile. Smllcause'Dick chose to take ten with an- iK miKht be difficult but it was easierother girl a girl he'd known before he ,i,nn pPo.-h. , .eer met Mary was no reason to be all j 1P Upther liked mr trusted .Tiillnnunstrung. Vandnveer. There was something sin-tOnly he'd said he didn't cure for iter about him And his drcidful On-Brel ITlnconsciouslypretty,themliiftn.them nt least, so Mnr tllollcht.(at l 1 ..! M.... .Il.ln'r nmn,l ,t then all men were nttrnrtcd "1 Ion t think I 11 wnn nnv inncer. i PVPr j nn, ,,0sltle lur negative is nuor -b a he was sninff. is he joined tlie gin. i wrong A little punshlne will do won-i. . . . .. '. . ... . . .. .. .. t.. .. ..t.l ,linnk me. ' rueful tlil,t.Tu l.!ic,K upvcr look for a, llvelv gr w no understood iioni sinipiw n- ....,.. , , ,'. : V ., Vi . :,,i,1 ..'.." . . ..... i ti -....;.... u 1 1 !..!. pnn see vldlet eloc liv flip unvsidp and on a six-we I. Mc w-as epene nee, wm, , njn.. .y-i '".""- rst time. I foot stalk. Thev call those horridly boldShe knew iilt how to handle Iter home. It wont oe tin ursi, ,.. ..,......, .,to nnv such abilitj. Her life had beon,'Mnr couldn't Keep the question hark.SSl BO1 full of Morkvo premvunicil 1 1 1 r 'Sfli' hard business of pamin n IUIiik thnt 'Pll -1.. tJ 1.. !.... ... nntinffimiti trt !Brl. nun (JilWU I IIIU llim n umimh vuiih ' ,cultivate the art of pleasing men. ICAnd" yet-had she only known it- IMary's straightforward wa5s and gen-. ulnencss would succee.1 where Lvela.ue'1,tThls knowledge of her own power ynaun t I'oui': tu .imr. .inn I'nneiderablv dejected--she wended her wayaeross ttie Iieids.1 THROUGH A WOMAN'S EYESIJy JEAN NEWTON"There's Nothingt"Ab-solutely nothing that can'tbe. mended with this here preparation.One hundred dollnrs reward for any-Jt ui- . m,it"thing this won t mend!jjTo prove his claim the enterprisingsrtnder attached weights of metal toaTroended plate which stiii held firmlyViL.v.,.fA , i..i...i -i ...j i ttno iUnd enthnsiastlc people stoon in line ,tojbuy his remedy for breaks in china.hardware nnd glas.s. .iUnfortunatelv ohlna nnd glass hnvcIn! themselves no mending qiiaht.A. Theymn'i rim n frnetlon nf nn inch. No,'matter how they arc treatul. they will ig the remedj mended both for him.not grow together again like bone or The hearts that were brokeu by betiisue or hearts that have been called reavement nnd said "no use" eenbroken. The pieces must he stuck to- those we have seen healed and mendedCither and when the paste that holds to be sound and strong; ,es, nlmostthjtm gives way they are bound to fall , happy.Bl5flrt" j This is stronger proof than theINot so with the bigger things that vend-r's ni'-tnl weight. And if whenvtu most of us at some time need we hnd that something vital has beenmending! Tor thc happiness und I etacUed or broken we will so engerlyjoy and content and tiust and loe nnd s(, , onlidently apply the nmedynave life, nnd the remedy that mends ns we stand in line to buy a mendingthem heals thrm from within It acts1 paste whv. thre's nothing "nlllke tho wnrmth of the sun than in- ( solutfly nothing that inn't be mended !"duces the first green shoots of spring, mended !"THE WOMAN'S EXCHANGE42' I Removing Blood StalneB" ihm Editor of Woman'' VttO'SiDear Madam Please tell me how Itin remove a blood stain from a darkbliie taffeta ANXIOUS.Cold water ir the best erudlcator forthe kind of stain, and If you sponge.a'ry carefully it will not injure the tnffeia.. If a water ring or stain Is leftafterward, wring another piece of taffeta out of lukewarm water and placoit-over the stained placo, then press w 1thnJmoderato Iron.' To Protect a CollarJ' fk Editor ot Woman VaofjDear Madam In lmt way can thecollar of u military blue v.lour coat lielirbtectcd from the hair and neck"A ,V U.Xil.A IH..U-I.UlS.epiece of chiffon the same colork . i. .h lul,l r,f llm i.eKelna mo cuii. "Suggestions for PartyjM the V.ditor ot liomn.i . rairro inui i. i"'" " jtiwun lur nn tan ix noufrni at any or i " "- - ,,'. t ., , ,,tfl!ves tho collar ftom it ablng The out- the st ,ies when Kames ,re yold. You UW""'"'' 'l "', h"5 d,hm nlvertuinittot the collar cannot 1 .?.. .! ' fc"ft ...L'.'tluW LIS." Tfe "S3 Z"W 11.1 1 in nl Al. il'nillNI III 14 I I'I'll 11 I II I I .r-.rn.rt,. W . . 1. I . Iunless you want ..;."'"';, time ono f the.. ..'', HiB regard., employment managementtu!noV iiViincMve Hut of Vourse h i '" b '"" this nf course w ii welfare work virtually every line inglffi" iirin rXuufly-1"'" m il h" VTfc!" nU5Wu. lurrSylfia,. could he seived ,n W ip-rV x&&r$&.WZrT..-V.i.. if .nn ,u, not use this therl boxos. as this w I rant nm to earn" out1"'"1 ' "" world or nusmesH noius little. wayKer,Vtnev juenr jiauam i ouni wui ieu me m aiateiy guess nit scretii6 place where I could hlie a talking In each lux park somo dainty sandP tnchlno for one evening'' I rt-al wlches sumiiiI small Iced cakes and ahthuidn't care what kind it was , tiny naekago of salted nuts. It will" l"We have a piano, but unfortunatelyriono of the glils or boy plays I haveills of games that you were kind enough itqfglvo'me when I wrote once before.XI Have a irieuu wnu i kuihk away in jcollege, and we want to glvu him afarewell turpi ho party-TFLAVORathe charm ofSim" vAJjallAB SaaKaH1 IHv9'TEAim in its uniqueArrived at a little wood, she took ashort cut through a clearing. Young,graceful firi bounded her path andturned the world Into a gay, soft, mistygreen.There was n crackling noise behindher. Mary turned her head.Ritt she could see no sign of nny one.Probably the sound had been occasioned by some wandering sheep or bymienpcicrt everywhere.Louder It came that crurkling soundagain!And what was that? n cough!.Mary ((topped Jeliniti'b mid turnedround.There whs n crnfthlng in the undergrowth the sound of henvv footsteps.And then apicared the. bulky figure ofa man.With a breath of relief Mnry realizedthat the Intruder was Homo om1 thatshe knev--and not a wandering tramp.It uns Julian Vnnd.nvrer."Oh. how you stnrtled tnc!" She puta hand up to her inikty beating heart."I- I'm- hail ii frlisht or two M"Win. Miss I)i ew. Is it you?" Van-nnver iiimeti ins cap innuKri .vuu",,lr,."N"- "r V'it t iV, ,h ,' Yul. 'were Miss UochoHter ! I left her quite ian hour ngn. She was going to meetCnlnrdln.Marv tried to smile. So hve hnd hndnn appointment with Dick. Her smilew(ls jusl n trjflestrainedtermlned to pur,.vo wfl, , mnk. ..,. . i..i,,.,. ' . ... ,,p the tii-cossarv hit,;., ollnp C,,lardln Mary must beninVl,. in i.. ,. that link w m- "tint her ownU prSleft quite clear fur Ke.fii uillll' i-it-iii ,i ........... ... ..I.I. .I,l .nnntlnm... t tt II...1 ...Uaere :i nerteet onre ne -iiint". 'i""' ientai servantail.ho."Am tllPV "Vnt friends''" I'oOrSln hntd inMlf Dnrmi1 hel!nt iiinlnpors iiiHiniiuttunfrikiiltliwl r I III I IU'll .Olhad roiillj"(Irent friends; Me gic a iiitn' 'Z? UU uWiF ThJ wn n -i. Idlj. " t ,.',, r,;t?!1,,1.;nhIl.r ;n ,,, ,.,, , fr a eon-snlernbln neriod sub rosat realise- - ..... - . """ - tli.1junnliaii might not iKssibb up-prove ;Tomorrow Etc Troubled.Can't Be Mended", Once out they stnj grren independentf Hie sun.The remedj Is faifh and hope and'turning forward. It alwas works-nm, h(U(i beUpr J)roof , R m(,tuli wpiBht nttuoijP,i to a pasted plate.,Ht (lf haVfl mt,t tl)p Kjrl who sn,j, her life wan blasted nnd it millisiemed it was. Didn't faith and hope"u'i turning lurwnru aim never iuokiiikso(I(i s htct ,,,, of ,: onr?,. , . , , IMirely you know the man whosehealth nnd )y in life were broken bj'"s tiuiiire. And iu Know how nppij - ,Coul 1 you advl-o a few llttl cleveri tricks" 1 am sure jour aluablo inI tormatlon will bo appreclatfTl' HFI.K.V MeCThe only way you could rent a talking mat bine for the short time thatou would want It Is to try to get anold one from a company that sells themThere Is a list of these rnmminin., .this sou In the business section of thutelephone book under the heading "Talking Mm nines " I hope you are successful Kor the faiewell nam ham iu n ,...,or ninnrit'lm- in.. ne..t.i. ... .v. . i. :.bitTntr"1 "yB r rBu si Wnurat the hru-e when It is to t"R"ven undarrange to drop In just a coSulS a" ii..,.,. ,,...!.. .i. ....-.' " ' ' ""time in an nrnnnal u.i it nm h.will not realize It Is ail prearranged.and til' lletll'tlt nf (.llsnerm.. enn 1i.kept up, wlurt.iH It would not be ifve,y une burst ,., upon him at the mmo!time" WOUliJ 1 e lull tola a fortune-tell-luggunef.. his bemiltI he alory nnQ.... ..,-........., . . ..-., I .iiiiihn iiuiiuuvirti1 ' 1 Ll n 1 I L I 1 1 rpaitv deioiatlniis wlilrli Mu would havito uiy,,. ani f)f , ourse, be would Immebe easy to serve Ice cream with thisTie tha boxes with narrow ribbons oftho color belonging to the college thoguest of honor exptcts to attend. Inope uiui u 111 inrii uui jusi u-- youhave planned It and that you hao ,.lot of fun.!!dining r. om Ii that m done the per-iards for nrnins ami noun are nowson you want in Mjrprlse wuuld see ttu ever largi and lrtually bouiidliss proflavor and rihEVENING PUBLICPlease Tell MeWhat to DoDy CYNTHIAGo On CallingDear Cynthia I am a dally readeryour column and I am coming to you foradvice. I am a young fellow nlpctcenyears old nml have been keeplnn company with a girl also In her teens forabout one year. This girl lives acrosstho river niul I always went to see- nerabout onco a week, until the other dayI found out that she g-ocs out with another fellow and I stopped seeing her,.iand sho wonders why I have stoppedgoing thereXow, Cynthia, shall I go back and oxplaln everything to her, or shall I keepaway from her altogether, as I love thisgirl dearly?Hoping to hear from you soon.ANXIOUS.You certainly would not bo such apoor sport as to givo up going to p ,a girl beratir-c nnother man goes to seeher Why should not a number of men icall on lu-r? You nro not engaged to 'the girl, so thero Is no reason why sho ;should not go out with other boys Keep., ., Itlmr n.. linr lult If nnvtll 11 IT KOofti-ncr Do not nsk nn exp anauon orlinotner mim'8 K0lnB about with her un-v,.. v....i.r. .. ..v.. .-----. ---"., -fj)o not hsk nn rapiwinumi i iless you aro prepared to nsk her tomarry you, una you aro c u '",","h -.Veer give up a friendship without aserious reason for so doing."Kensington" on Ideal ManDear Cynthia Po "Pep" Is nfraldiiun. nrtn't n nv trnnd vnunc men What a heart-blow! I wonder Ifshe's one of the usual brand who aresoeurelv wrapped up In a suit of armor..,,... ....A1.. ..(,.nA.l tn.., ,.:' ...i .....1 I.,,l will, I... t .-...a -p ,1... l.ntl, animated orara rauiu ui :"""?litmrod ivix. Nothlnc else will satisfytheir artistic temperament. How marvelous Ir their foresight. Most likelyher good young man Is doing somethingreally worth while In the world, es.Vo .Vot banking, but peddling Ice. Andperhaps right by her gate, too How doggono funny life is, anyway. Many aperson ban studied the starn o nightsand fallon down nn open collar door,only to declare later that the earth laHat. I wonder If "Pep" has had manyreal hard humps? T think not Otherwise her lsiinl powers would have de.eoped morn and her focun larger, now,KKNStXOTO.V."T. B. P." on "Bobby"Pear Cynthia This is merely an attempt at a letter.1 have Just happened upon the delirious Illustration of bralnlr.ssness wrlttrilby that traitorous, selfish, egotistical andconceited gentleman who disgraces thsname of "Bobby" by signing It to hishallucinations. It Is the tlnefet exampleof an empt.N -headed descent from theanimal kingdom that I hae pur seenund methlnks I insult manv of th,higher type animals by attributing Hobb's quitlitlis C) to them"Manb bt-nuty," bah ' I'm sure thatliobb would indeed top a male beauoolumn of the class which offers a pink ,L'.'irl"-'..."! rJ,1. r . , ,r !hiV i- riV." i-; ne'ihi Moi... lis-Iveconilng the "lounge liz-'-basketball IMay.d In-on. bracing air before anirIi?.!:K.?.i,'L"klard of atlib ticsdoors, awav fromK...H..HA.. . .............nnnpVs" inVPV nnVv u ,r T nhow ng offtheir an ork ami rapiurouH., hrca.h-ject of 'IhisdlsJourHo'lse in l,l"'" .row clique. IHut he can no more qualify as astiortsman than a snail can win a hundred-yard dash. A siortsmnn is one whoIs loyal to his friends, who recognt7-sthe ability nf his opponents, who does notboast of hi" own exploits, who lives nndllllllKS i-(,-iili aim, ntnivL- crr,( uiiiih viof, ,iipihh i i" inst hiicii.,mh iono jf thmt mlll ,,, vain over his petty e.mnictlnn with .igioup of one. horse imlour athletes hv(l ,rn. t(, ,n R)rl ull0 f,0 fI1(Iisiui,,,s piaod her fnith In htm in 1. w,m-timn betiaytd and bonstil of. In fcmfessoa to a narrow lif Intent nulv uponhis own pleasun and never knowing thegnater happiness of senlng milpleasing others, he Is a king of fxilsIn a fool's circle b cause of his hlngability to exaggerate his own UcU ofdecency.And may the unhlnsed judgment uponhis pettiness bo an on of service In helping others an he would like to huo themhelp him. THP Hl'CK PIlUATi;. IMaking More MoneyDo Ami Want It?"Neer before wfre opportunities forwomen so numerous as they are todayprovided the women aro expert Insome line of work Hardly a day passesthat we do not heur of tmployers whowant women capablu of earning anywhere from $4000 a year upward, womenwho know their work and are interestedin It, nnd the demands for the help ofthis 'kind aro always more numerousthan the sunnhMiss naehel I'flnum, of tho Bureau ofOccupations for Trained Women, lookedup from her desk for a moment Then,"It's Just a question of wanting moremoney " she continued "Not wantingIt In the snse of wishing for it nndlotting It ro at that, hut wanting it somuch that the lndlldunl really trainsherself until she l worth It Yes, Iadmit that It Is hard work. In the maJorlty of instances but when you Btoutn consider the number of women whoII tMJIlt, 111 II1M II1U"aro earning $15 or $20 a week and whouro t'niui k . i c--" v ., ..i,.. nun ,ouw ,oc,k up,,ria Siunr- o,l'l,.,,B,,,:a ",ar '"J v,eMh ca" ' l.'"ln ,b,uWOn,de.r "hV T,r" f them l'n ' l 'wnik to earn it"There an so few things that areii'cessari to tho 'big money," toocollege edmatlon Is useful of cuursinut. "1 '"V. 'r?m-.'.?r'. J'".of wnnien hae made good without 11When vou come right down to it theonly re-iulsito Is a dogged determination..---- in..vinen wie numuu e,"o ... .. ,Uia real will ',TEjlaibcliJJBORAXSOAPLOOKS WHITE,but it's" PEARL"SAVE THE WRAPPERStf.'.a3 rft hju pound IRr'xyriLEDGER-PHILADELPHIA, teptfRSDAY, JUJTE .9,, 19kPARIS HASPerlinps yon can't quite calltliLs a fad, but at least It Isnow and from Paris. It consists of a straight chcmlsofrock, with a wide full casrado which Is Inserted at theiao 0l ,no ,ro"1 ana In,u"""" """"?" "." ",D":Jlilnjr. In UUs costume ofblack with a white striperunning across the materialthe sldo mfllo In of whiteilnnnclrhoto


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