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Oliver Myers
Oliver Myers

Swords And Souls Neverseen REPACK

There are 6 types of weapons and each of the weapons has a special attack. Pick your weapon based on your play style, and make sure to try different ones out! Keep in mind that daggers, greatswords, and scepters are two-handed, which means you cannot equip a shield while using them.

Swords and Souls Neverseen

"A gripping, emotional roller coaster ride with a climax so satisfying that I wanted to run back to the front of the line to ride it again."If House of Gold is going to have the same soul-changing effect that Bud's first two novels have had on hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide, we absolutely need to have your help with distribution. We're confident that you will love this book. The number of souls we reach in the crucial first few weeks of June could help Jesus influence countless more lives and souls in later months.

"It's not my writing skills. It's pure grace. These novels change people because of the all the souls who pray for those who read our books -- and because novels are an entertaining, unique tool for evangelization. As with my first two novels, I had hundreds and hundreds of priests, nuns, brothers, and deacons praying for me and for all who will read House of Gold."

One last request: there are 14,000 people receiving this CatholiCity Message. We're hoping that every one of you makes a request today. It would be really neat if you were to forward this message to as many people in your email address book as possible, and multiply that 14,000 into tens of thousands. We ask this of you in the name of the souls who will be helped if you take just a few minutes to "multiply" the impact of this world-wide announcement. 041b061a72


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