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Buy Bicycle Smoothie Maker !EXCLUSIVE!

I love biking. I also love smoothies. That's why I was really excited when I read about the B3 mini from rock the bike in Make 11. However, upon visiting their site I was dismayed at the cost of the blender, about $250. Thus, not knowing if it would work, or if it was even legal (patent infringement and such) I set of to create my own bike blender.This instructable documents how to create your own inexpensive, energy conserving, bike powered blender. Since appliances account for over 20% of your electric bill, this is one less energy consuming machine in your house. And making a fruit smoothie is twice as good for you as before; both in nutritional value, and also in the exercise you get. It isn't an incredibly difficult build, and even the most inexperienced Maker should be able to complete it in less than 3 hours (not counting glue drying time).

buy bicycle smoothie maker

This blender can be used for anything you would use a normal blender for. Simply add the ingredients and bike. However, here are a few hints to optimize use:1) Use a bike trainer so that you don't have to go around the block to make a smoothie. New ones from the store can be expensive, but you can find several on Craigslist or Ebay. You'd be surprised how many people bought them to exercise, but never used them.2) For really hard things such as ice, it is best to start moving before adding the ice, otherwise the blender just jams. Again, this works best with a trainer.3) Check the parts regularly for wear and tear, especially the rubber ring. A blender breaking can ruin a good smoothie.Also, here are good Smoothie recipes.

For this blender to truly be mobile, the ingredients need to become mobile to. But on a hot summer day, when I really want a smoothie, the ingredients can go bad pretty quickly. At the moment, all I have is an inefficient, heavy ice cooler. As the ice melts, it fills with water and sloshes around. Here are my brainstormed solutions to the problem, please comment and offer suggestions, as ideas are needed.1) Replace the ice with gel based ice packs to remove the weight.2) Attempt to build a mini-refrigerator for the back of my bike, but this will be difficult.3) Use a highly endothermic reaction to cool the ingredients. A possibility is the reaction between Ammonium nitrate and water. Ammonium nitrate is a common fertilizer. The heat of solution of this reaction is -25.69 kJ per mol, easily enough to cool the ingredients while blending, or in some sort of cooler.

Do you have any suggestions as to how to keep the wheels from moving as they spin around? This tutorial has been really really helpful in my bicycle-blending attempts. I'm using a stationary bike, and constructed a simple base stand from PVC pipes for about $15. I'm having troubles both getting the wheels to move the shaft, and, if they are moving, to not move up the shaft, away from the moving wheel on the bike. Thanks!

Really any blender will work, some just work better than others. Try to find one that has the jar locked into the base, as that is necessary to stop the smoothie from spilling. Also, the project is much easier if you use a blender with a transmission wheel instead of a post connecting directly to the blades. I used a blender I bought online from target, which I think you can do in Australia: Hamilton Blender. Otherwise, just try to find a cheap one that fits the specifications.

With cycling adventures like bike beer tours or trendy workout classes at the peak of popularity, it was only a matter of time before a wide-eyed entrepreneur with a wild idea would create...a bike-blending smoothie bar.

Of course, what good is a bike-blending smoothie bar without the first-hand experience? Carpenter recruited Mark Cuban and Daymond John to hop on the bikes and spin their way to blending fresh smoothies. Judging by the reactions, the taste was impeccable.

With the help of youtube videos and Rock the Bike, Ryan was able to put together his first bike blender with a vintage Schwinn Exercise bike. With this and a battery powered sink he made in his living room, he hit the streets. Portland was the perfect town to debut a bike powered smoothie business.

This bicycle machine is adapted to fit a hand powered grinding mill or a corn thresher. The Mill function has the capacity to mill 3 lbs. per minute of any type of grain. The most common use is for milling yellow maize, soya beans, and coffee.

A Smoothie bike is a stationary bike with a blender fitted to the front of the bike which spins as you pedal. The blender is filled with a variety of fresh fruits and juices,creating a delicious smoothie for you to drink once you have finished pedaling.

Hire a Smoothie Making Bike for some environmentally friendly, pedal powered smoothie making fun!How do you make a fruit smoothie even more healthy? Simple, forget the electric and use pedal power to make it! The customer chooses the ingredients to their own taste, places them into the blender, climbs on to the bike and pedals for a short period. The front wheel of the smoothie bike drives the blender mechanism and after a short period of pedalling you have a tasty smoothie. Healthy food, healthy exercise, environmentally friendly, lots of fun, and a delicious smoothie to drink at the end of it!

The Smoothie Maker Bike can be hired as just the bike with you supplying your own consumables or be supplied with everything you need to make and serve fruit smoothies - a great range of fresh fruit, fruit juices, and serving cups.You'll need an overall space of approx 10x8ft for the bike and table of fruit etc. Being pedal powered no power supply is required.For outdoor events we can supply a pop-up gazebo to shelter the equipment from the elements.

A smoothie bike is a great way to make delicious and healthy smoothies. They are easy to use and clean, and they are a great way to get your daily fruits and vegetables. Smoothie bikes are also a great way to get exercise, and they are a lot of fun to ride.

A smoothie making human powered bike blender is a great way to make healthy and delicious smoothies. All you need is a bike, a blender, and some fruit and vegetables. Simply pedaling the bike powers the blender, which makes it easy to make smoothies without electricity. This is a great way to get your daily fruits and vegetables, and it is also a fun and healthy activity.

A pedal powered smoothie maker is a great way to make healthy, delicious smoothies without having to use any electricity. All you need is a bicycle and a blender, and you can make your own smoothies whenever you want. Just pedaling your bike will power the blender, so you can make smoothies without having to worry about running out of batteries or power.

Our smoothie bikes are delivered in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban by our team. They are ready to go and simple to operate. If necessary, we can arrange a courier to any location in the country and they arrive with just a few simple assembly instructions.

Our smoothie bikes are delivered in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban by our team. They are ready to go and simple to operate. If necessary, we can arrange a courier to any location in the country and they arrive with just a few simple assembly instructions.Bike + Smoothie Packs + StaffOur trained staff are excellent at engaging people, and encouraging fun interaction with the Bike.

Blendavenda always provides a professional service and is the highlight of our Wellness Days as it is so much fun to cycle your own smoothie. You really provide a great, fun filled service at an affordable price to corporate clients.

Our passion for spinning wrenches professionally began in the 80s, back when bikes were relatively simple machines. Nearly 40 years later, mechanical complexity brings us the modern bicycle in countless shapes and sizes.

Great Bike Shop. Extremely helpful and friendly. Only bike shop in 60 mile radius that had the bike I was looking for. The fact they had a beer and smoothie bar in the bike shop was awesome. My wife had a beer while I was working with Brad and the team of salesman and service techs. Michael Brophy, January 2022

From 10:00 to 12:00, there will be a series of stalls, games and other activities in the Atrium, including an electric bicycle, which will be used to power a smoothie maker - Fairtrade bananas will be available to all to sample.

Increased success meant more expenses in terms of supplies and building maintenance, Back Alley Bikes volunteers applied for and received a grant from the DALMAC fund, as well as one from REI. In addition, they began to repair bikes to sell in the shop. There were also fundraisers, including bicycle-themed movie nights and a gourmet dinner called Bike Soup. From 2003-2006, Back Alley Bikes hosted a Bike Art Auction, in which local artists contributed paintings and drawings displaying their love for the bicycle. They also offered jewelry, t-shirts, as well as sculptures and functional items made out of bike parts; most notable have been the bike-parts rocking chair, bike history shadow puppet show, and a bike-powered smoothie blender!

Why not hire a Smoothie Blender Bike for your next event. If you are looking for a healthy treat that is great fun look no further. The brand new pink smoothie blender bikes make delicious smoothies or milkshakes and are perfect for any event.

Smoothie Blender Bikes are great for schools promoting healthy eating as well as events in the work place. They make a great addition to your exhibition stand as they create a big impact on a small footprint! Full branding is available for your smoothie cycle. The Smoothie Blender Bikes come with a member of staff to aid your guests in making delicious smoothies with great flavours such as red berries, mango and pineapple (tropical smoothies) along with banana, strawberry, blueberry and chocolate milkshakes. 041b061a72


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