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Jack Adams
Jack Adams

Download Secret Summer [v1.0 Epilogue] [Completed] __EXCLUSIVE__

July 11, 2022The game got a short epilogue for the endings. But SuperWriter, the dev of the game, had to make an own game download because of some steam term reasons. I integrated the epilogue content into the main game again. For the Mod only you have to install the game v1.0beta first (NOT the Epilogue game!), then the new Mod

Download Secret Summer [v1.0 Epilogue] [Completed]

WARNING TABOO 18+: You were taken and separated from your mother and three sisters to be trained as the successor to your father's lucrative business. After hearing your mom crying during one of your usual phone calls, you decide to find any way back to her and your sisters. That's when an idea pops into your head that just might make the reunion possible. But that same idea comes with its own set of problems and your secret summer visiting your family may be harder than you anticipated. 041b061a72


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