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Oliver Myers

[S2E4] Something Fishy

During the fight, the mutation of High Voltage continues and they soon escape. The team realizes that the mutation of High Voltage and Orso Knox must have something in common. Hiro remembers Megan and changes before he finds her outside. A few seconds after, her father, Chief Cruz arrives. He turns out to be the new police chief of San Fransokyo and dislikes vigilantes like Big Hero 6, which turns Hiro very uncomfortable.

[S2E4] Something Fishy

When the latest polls indicate that public confidence in Burns has sunk to rock bottom, Burns turns to his campaign team in pure desperation, claiming that there must be something that can be done. However, his campaign team knows he's finished, and they all decide to throw in the towel and leave. Infuriated by coming so close to achieving victory, Burns trashes the family room (with Smithers overturning the things too heavy for him and even Homer joining in when ordered to by his tyrannical boss). When Lisa remarks that destroying their meager possessions isn't going to change anything, Burns hangs his head in defeat and admits that she's right, deciding to return home and destroy, "something tasteful".

Schlamme: In one episode Danny Concannon brought C.J. a goldfish, because he heard she likes them and she says, "No, I meant the crackers!" That was the joke and that was all Aaron wrote. But our prop person, Blanche Sindelar, ran with it and decided to put something in the fish bowl that was thematically part of whatever the episode was. Having the fish bowl on her desk became a running theme and Blanche would get the script for each one and then find something to put in it. It had to be really subtle and we never focused on it, but for all of us, it became this thing; we could not wait to see what she had done with the fish bowl and the first day of every episode we would all go into CJ's office to see what was in there. It became a staple of the show and at one point the Smithsonian had a collection of the fish bowls on display, with all the different themes in them.

Yes, she did give the poorly fed, scurvy-ridden locals some oranges in a bid to ingratiate herself with the do-gooding medic. But there is something about her callous disregard for the poor benighted locals which suggests that their union may not be the greatest match in Cornish history. 041b061a72


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